• Marble


Brecha de Lioz

Brecha de Tavira

Brecha Maritima

Estremoz Anilado

Estremoz Branco Extra

Estremoz Creme Extra

Estremoz Creme Vergado

Estremoz Vergadas Castanhas

Estremoz Vergadas Rosa


Lioz Abancado

Lioz Chainete

Pele de Tigre

Rosa Arabescato

Rosa Portugal Extra

Rosa Portugal Vergado

Ruivina Clara

Ruivina Escura

St. Florient

Trigaches Claro

Trigaches Escuro

Verde Serpa

Verde Viana

Macroscopic Description

Fine and medium grained marble, with light green colour and showing greenish, bluish and cream to white strips.

Petrographic Description

Amphibolic green marble, essentially calcitic, with indented granoblastic texture where grains are somewhat heterogeneous but the fine grain is dominant and slight foliation and deformation.

Physico-Mechanical Properties

Property Value Unit
Compression Breakin Load 920 Kg/cm2
Compression B.L. After FT 830 Kg/cm2
Bending Strength 131 Kg/cm2
Volumetric Weight 2740 Kg/m3
Water Absorption 0.10 %
Apparent Porosity 0.30 %
Thermal Lin.Expans.Coef. 11.70 10^6perºC
Abrasion Test 1.90 mm
Impact Test 60.00 cm