• Slate

Black Slate

Macroscopic Description

Bluish grey to dark grey homogeneous slaty schist, compact, finely grained, showing clear schistose cleavage.

Petrographic Description

Very fine grained metamorphic rock with lepidoporphyroblastic texture (slate).

Physico-Mechanical Properties

Property Value Unit
Compression Breakin Load 1600 Kg/cm2
Compression B.L. After FT 1490 Kg/cm2
Bending Strength 582 Kg/cm2
Volumetric Weight 2810 Kg/m3
Water Absorption 0.40 %
Apparent Porosity 1.10 %
Thermal Lin.Expans.Coef. 8.00 10^6perÂșC
Abrasion Test 6.30 mm
Impact Test 110.00 cm