Coments from Customers - Table of Honor

“ Thank you for the fantastic job you have done on the stone stairs. They look perfect, cheers ”

01/2004 UK

“ Everything is very good, material is wonderful “

03/2005 USA

“ Thank you for your prompt reply, we have full confidence with you and Moca Cream for the container you send to us was a excellent job. Very good job. “

07/2005 Singapore

“ Great news. Again thank you, thank you, thank you”

07/2005 USA

“As usual your outstanding performance has exceeded our expectations ”

08/2005 USA

“Thanks for your outstanding service. Give our thanks to the people who worked to get this much cut and shipped “

08/2005 USA

“ Just wanted to make a comment. Thanks for the good work on the Alaska job. “

01/2007 USA

“ Thank you to the very clever well spoken lady who sound English ”

04/2007 UK

“ Material is packed perfectly ”

07/2007 Russia

“Thank you for making your magic again. I do appreciate it. “

10/2007 Denmark

“ You are the Best “

12/2007 Denmark

” The Stone is great, great color, great selection ”

02/2008 USA

“ Thanks for all your good work. You and your team have really been a help to our company this year ”

08/2008 USA

“ Thank you very much for your quick and professional response. I feel confident in taking any suggestions you may have to expedite this shipment. “

11/2008 USA

“ This is good news, please proceed. Also, for your information working with you on this has been a new and unexpected pleasure. Let me tell you that you are in a class of your own. I appreciate it. “

11/2008 USA

“ We had received the container and the material so far that I can see is beautiful.“

11/2008 Singapore

“ I just want you all to know that it has been a pleasure working with you and that we greatly appreciate all you have done for us. “

12/2008 USA

“ I could not wait even one moment longer after landing in London to thank you so much for organizing our special treat to fly in business and see the takeoff firsthand! It was unimaginable and an uplift after a long and grueling journey. We cannot thank you enough and your partner for his and his son's generosity.”

02/2009 USA

“ We appreciate all the support we get from Rocharel and thank you and everyone there for their efforts on our behalf. “

07/2009 USA